Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bastions of Idiocy

The University of California, Berkeley is facing protests for inviting Bill Maher to speak because the protesters deem the comedian to be "anti-Islam". Ivy League students have called "American aggression" a greater threat than the Islamic State terror faction in video now widely seen on the Internet. Being anti-Israel is all the rage at many US colleges with boycotts, sanctions, and divestment from the Jewish State being considered at colleges and by academic unions across America. A number of students at Wellesley can not quite figure out what sex or sexual orientation they are and are being lauded for their confusion with worldwide media attention. If this kind of brilliance is emanating from our colleges and universities, just imagine how great our high schools must be. Only a handful of colleges like Hillsdale resist becoming hotbeds of progressive indoctrination by maintaining academic rigor, teaching the US Constitution, and upholding traditional values. The corruption of American education bodes ill for our future.

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