Sunday, October 26, 2014

America, the Salvageable

With an election looming, the United States has an opportunity to reverse the Obama-induced terminal decline of our once great nation. Americans can vote Democrat to finish ourselves off in a hurry. We can vote Republican to slow the death spiral. We can even occasionally find authentic conservative candidates who if their prescriptions for the future were followed could actually save the country. With Republican establishment candidates like Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander running in Kentucky and Tennessee the best the patriotic voter in those states can hope for is stasis. The most the electorate can hope for in the coming plebiscite is that the nation does not plummet further in the hands of our progressive overlords, no matter which party they shill for, because Republican socialist-lite is little better than Democrat outright socialist. There is no Reagan on the horizon to save us, and only a few Ted Cruz- Rand Paul types around fighting the rear guard action as America retreats.

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