Monday, November 14, 2016

Just Another Politician

I never thought of Donald Trump as some sort of conservative avenger. I never believed he was going to try to deport eleven million (or more) illegal aliens. I did not think an impenetrable wall would be built between the US and Mexico. Trump was greeted with the chant at rallies: "Lock her up" in reference to Hillary. Donald has now said that he will not appoint a special prosecutor, so we must assume his recent opponent will be spared incarceration. Paul Ryan has declared there will be no "deportation force" under Trump. The Trump Team is saying border security will be improved but that a physical wall the length of the Southern border is "impractical" to "impossible" to construct, so we will end up with a virtual wall not paid for by Mexico, not a real one. Trump had promised during the campaign that he would move the US embassy to Israel to the contested city of Jerusalem, but now that he has won the nation's highest office, he will not. All the lefties and progressives fearing Trump have little to worry about, because Donald is just another politician who said anything to get elected, but who will not keep promises made during the campaign.

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