Saturday, November 19, 2016

Forgetting Our History

One of the early challenges that Donald Trump will face is rebuilding the US military. When George W. Bush left office, America was the lone superpower with the greatest armed force the world had ever known. The one area of the budget that Barack Hussein Obama allowed to be cut, in fact slashed deeply, was our defense budget. These cuts occurred with jihadists at war with us, Iran drawing ever closer to a nuclear bomb and spreading influence into Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, and helping prop Assad up in Syria, and China asserting regional hegemony of the Pacific. A more potent Russia has also shown aggressive tendencies in the Ukraine. In the run up to World War II, with clear signs that conflict was brewing, the United States allowed its armed forces to shrink so much they were actually smaller than those of Portugal. America's weakness invited Pearl Harbor. Trump must strengthen us quickly because the level of threat we now face is unprecedented.

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