Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hope Trump Succeeds

Eight years ago, Rush Limbaugh was famously asked for a few paragraphs on the new President Barack Hussein Obama. Rush brilliantly declared, "I hope he fails" because Limbaugh knew Obama's socialist agenda would harm America. Unfortunately, Obama largely succeeded and hurt our nation. Limbaugh did nothing to cause Obama to fail. Obama passed Obamacare and much else he sought and imposed even more through executive order. Obama's actions fell by their own weight. Obama did not immediately after election have to face riots and other protests and people threatening to assassinate him. Obama did not have to face labor unions, students, and Hollywood elite saying they were going to make the nation ungovernable for the next four years, to bring out hell for four years so there could be no chance of reelection. Donald Trump will have to overcome all this. I pray for the sake of the United States that Trump succeeds in overturning all the damage Obama has done.

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