Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Clinton Machine

The Clintons really must be the most brilliant and capable people on earth. Bill Clinton never made as much as thirty thousand dollars a year as Arkansas governor, yet he finds himself with a two billion dollar foundation. Hillary mystically parlayed a thousand dollar cattle futures investment into a hundred thousand dollars in ten months. Curiously. with such apparent acumen in the zero sum game commodity market, Hillary never attempted to repeat the coup. If nothing suspicious was involved in her one-time futures success, then why would Hillary have not continued commodity trading? Even Chelsea is amazing in achieving financial success. Chelsea was paid several hundred thousand dollars to work as a journalist at one of the national television networks even though she hardly ever managed to have any of her reports actually air. There are many reporters whose stories make it to air frequently who are only compensated a fraction of what the basically invisible Chelsea was paid. It must be good to be a Clinton.

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