Saturday, February 7, 2015

Open Door Policy

US borders are open to Mexicans, other Latin Americans, and even Chinese. Our leaders, who push amnesty under another name, insist that they are doing everything possible to keep those who would attempt another September 11 out. How can this possibly be true? Could Middle Eastern fanatics not buy airline tickets and fly a commercial airplane into Mexico? Could those wanting to hurt Americans not hire a coyote to transport them across our Southern border? All the talk of "Dreamers" and "family unification" from the Democrats and progressive Republicans and "cheap labor" from the Chamber of Commerce types and the GOP elite leave us open to future terrorists attacks by those crossing the border for reasons much more nefarious than good jobs or better opportunity. Real immigration reform starts with an impenetrable border where America knows all who try to enter and regulates them enough to keep potential terrorists out.

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