Thursday, February 26, 2015

Power Mad Administration

Barack Hussein Obama is proving to be the despot I always knew he wanted to be. Obama has just cajoled the Federal Communications Commission into imposing his vision of "net neutrality", that is actually executive overreach of the highest magnitude. The FCC was going to pass a watered down net neutrality, but the President pressured one of the three Democrats on the panel who was wavering to go the whole hog, which means that the Federal government is asserting sweeping new powers that the people by in large do not want and which Congress never authorized. On the very same day, it emerges that Obama, who has tried but failed to ban guns due to the US Supreme Court upholding the plain meaning of the Second Amendment, will instead seek to ban ammunition. This scheme is now trying to deprive the citizenry of .223 (.556x45) ammo, which is used in among other weapons in AR-15 style semiautomatic rifles that are so popular with the buying public. Our clever little dictator now says if the courts will not permit me to ban and confiscate the guns, I will take away the bullets for them.

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