Thursday, February 5, 2015

Basically a Wash

Jordan has intensified efforts to defeat the Islamic State terrorist entity after the savage murder of their pilot who the fanatics had captured. At the same time, the United Arab Emirates has abandoned their fight against the Islamic State. Iran is making common cause with the United States against ISIS, but this somewhat cooperative effort has dissuaded many Sunnis, who hate IS but despise the Shiites even more from working against their Sunni brethren in the Islamic State. The Shia Iranians are fighting against ISIS to preserve Shiite lives which puts them on the same side to an extent with America and Sunni stalwarts the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Jordan. Some Sunnis are even willing to work with the dreaded Jewish State to forestall either the rise of a caliphate from ISIS winning or a victory by the Shiite (which would be a win for Shia-dominated Iran). The rise of the Islamic State has made for some strange bedfellows in a region where the enemy of my enemy may or may not be a friend.

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