Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stop Iranian Nukes

No agreement reached between the P5+1 and Iran will prevent the Islamic Republic from gaining nuclear weapons. No accord reached between Barack Hussein Obama and the Shiite theocracy and armed Shia thugs who run Iran will block Iran's ambition for atomic weapons. Those weapons are being developed to first destroy the Jewish State, then to blackmail the Sunni States of the Middle East, and finally to stir the End Time chaos that the true believer Shiites hope will bring the Twelfth Imam from his hiding place down the well. The real apocalyptic turmoil will erupt when Iran starts aiming the nukes no one but Israel will stop them from acquiring at European capitals and American cities. The only hope for the world that Iran will be thwarted is that Israel makes a preemptive military strike that destroys Iran's nuclear facilities. Israel will only do this if Netanyahu is reelected as he is the only Israeli leader who recognizes the existential threat that the Iranian mullahs would pose if they had a single operable atomic weapon on a functional delivery device.

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