Thursday, February 21, 2013

Obama's Israel Visit

Barack Hussein Obama is not going to Israel for dialogue but to dictate. Obama will dress down Netanyahu for his "intransigence" in dealing with the Palestinians, who Obama believes are the wronged party. Obama will demand territorial compromise from the Jews and only the Jews that will leave the Jewish State indefensible while not holding the Palestinians to account for terror, past, present, or future. By not demanding that the Palestinians abandon their long-stated desire to push the Jews into the sea and not insisting that the Muslim world acknowledge Israel's right to exist as the Jewish State, Obama will exert maximum pressure on the Israeli government to make concessions that are self-destructive for Israel as she exists as a tolerant, pluralistic but Jewish State. Obama will continue to give false assurances that the United States will not permit a nuclear Iran and will demand that Israel stay her hand in any effort at preemption, all the while, knowing America will not act militarily to tamp down the Iranian threat. Anyone who thinks Obama is coming to Israel as a friend is engaged in willful self-delusion.

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