Thursday, February 14, 2013

America's Vulture Culture

(Let me preface this by declaring these sentiments do not pertain to so-called "earned entitlements" like Social Security and Medicare.) Too many parasites and thieves have infected the body politic within these United States. The thieves are ruling elite that take from the productive to buy the support of the parasites who under Barack Hussein Obama include foreign nationals who are enjoying entitlements that in previous generations they were not able to receive. In fact, immigration controls used to be so serious that without a sponsor to ensure an immigrant would not sponge off the taxpayer, that immigrant could not enter America. Now, there are US government publications in Spanish distributed in Mexico, telling illegal aliens how to access benefits. Our forefathers would never have tolerated this and tax-paying citizens ought to be outraged but even DC Republicans are eager to procure the future votes of millions who by right should never have been permitted into the country and should be deported now.

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