Saturday, February 2, 2013

Corporate Welfare State

Barack Hussein Obama does believe in capitalism after a fashion. That brand of capitalism is of the crony capitalist variety and is just as destructive to a society as socialism. Even locally in Nashville, corporate welfare penalizes the many for the profit of the few. Everything from the heavily-subsidized professional hockey and football franchises to our new convention center costs most taxpayers who receive nothing in return. A few short-term jobs have been created during the construction of our stadium, our hockey arena, and our first and second publicly-financed convention centers but those jobs were largely held by non-US nationals and evaporate the second building ends. All that is left for the locals in the sporting venues are seasonal vendor, usher, security, and ticket taker jobs that offer little job security and are certainly not "careers". For the convention center, low wage service jobs are once again the norm, but every property tax payer in Davidson County has subsidized these projects and we have even been penalized with higher municipal water bills. Giving a handful of Obama's "millionaires and billionaires" an unmerited subsidy on either the local or national level has hardly fostered job creation and has engendered tremendous expense for the rest of us.

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