Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Prevaricating President

The first post-partisan United States President turns out to be the most partisan American President ever. Barack Hussein Obama is filled with animus toward the GOP, which to a degree would be expected, but he really has it in for America's productive classes, which is really dangerous. Even tonight's debt speech was filled with the rhetoric of class envy, with populist baiting about corporate jets and Marxist-inspired appeals about "working families". The rich by in large work smarter than others and consequently have more wealth and to suggest otherwise is a slander. Have you ever been hired by a poor person? It is the so-called rich who create the vast majority of jobs in America. The debt ceiling will doubtless be raised in any event, but what the nation needs most to break from the economic doldrums is a curb on government spending. The US Treasury can borrow until no else will loan or print fiat money till the presses burn up, but all they will succeed at is destroying the economy and the country.

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