Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Species

If you thought RINOs were bad (and no doubt they are), just wait until you get a load of the chameleon rat which comprises the Republican part of the Gang of Six. These are Senators who will shake your hand while stabbing you in the back with a smile. Can anyone explain how a trillion dollar tax increase will help Americans prosper in the teeth of our ongoing recession? Recession is a term of art some say might not apply because manipulated numbers supposedly showed that the "Bush" recession had ended, and that America had not double dipped into another. My contention based on experience which others might conclude was purely anecdotal is that we have never really exited the downturn brought on by anticipation of Obama's ascension. Market confidence was shaken by the prospect of the United States being subjected to her first outright socialist President. In the event, Obama has shown himself to be just that or worse- a Marxist in the making, in charge of the highest office on the planet. Yet a handful of faux Republicans still think Obama has the answers and are willing to go along with Democrats who have neither their nor the country's best interest at heart.

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