Friday, July 29, 2011

Orchestrating America's Destruction

Watching Obama speak is as harrowing an endeavor as can be embarked upon. In his speeches, Obama and the Democrats are not partisan, above politics, and only have the noblest motives for the nation. In reality, Obama and the Democrats are the opposite. Obama is a master of duplicity. He is the chancellor of chicanery and though he pretended that he was willing to be a one-term President who affected real change, it is apparent that wants reelection desperately so that he can finish Israel as a Jewish state, America as we have known her, and the so-called First World off. Obama is determined to spread the misery far and wide where there will be no distinction between rich and poor. Everyone will share an equal measure of Obama prosperity which used to be called "poverty". Never has such a hypocrite occupied the Presidency. Obama, himself, as a US Senator opposed raising the debt limit when George W. Bush was President. This President has two faces.

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