Monday, October 31, 2016

The Evil Ones

I am convinced that Hillary is the most self-interested candidate ever for the US Presidency. Clinton has no concern for party or nation. In Hillary world, it is not about helping you or uplifting you. It is about propping up and enriching the Clinton dyNASTY (and I emphasize "nasty" here). Hill and Bill left Arkansas poor with only the cattle futures payoff windfall and have made themselves rich by selling access and living like kings by looting a charity they set up that mostly has only helped the Clintons. Trump has made himself rich too by dint of hard work and intellect and in the process, has employed thousands of people, making those who work for him more prosperous as well. Hillary will work for herself in office. Do you really want to stand with her or do you want to rise for Trump, who is already fighting for you?

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