Sunday, October 9, 2016

Real American Problems

We are facing crushing and hugely expanding national debt. We are facing a drug epidemic that kills more Americans everyday. We are facing a racial schism that is worse, not better, because of the Obama Presidency. I can not recall so many police being murdered than has occurred recently. We face Russia that threatens the world from Eastern Europe to Syria, an Iran that we recently paid off menacing the Middle East, dominating Lebanon through Hezbollah, fighting to control Yemen, now dominating the Iraq that we liberated, and propping up Assad in Syria so that he will likely never lose power. We have Red China becoming the Asian and Pacific hegemon and North Korea becoming more destabilizing than ever. We have a phony prosperity of the few bolstered by a political Federal Reserve and nearly ninety-five million able-bodied adult American out of the workforce. Hillary will only exacerbate the crisis we face.

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