Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama Sheds Allies

Barack Hussein Obama was going to bring America closer to the world by making America more like other nations and by "leading from behind", that is deferring in international affairs to multilateral bodies like the United Nations. Obama slapped the United Kingdom in the face twice, first by sending back the Churchill bust, and then by siding with Argentina over the Falklands. Obama then expected Her Majesty's Forces to join America in a punitive expedition against Assad after the Syrian Army was alleged to have used poison gas against the Syrian people. In the event, Parliament just said "no". Now, long-time US ally Germany and America's new post UK rejection best friend France are outraged at the American government eavesdropping on their conversations up to and including national leadership themselves. George W. Bush was unpopular around the world but Barack Obama is going to be as popular internationally as a skunk at a cotillion.

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