Monday, January 9, 2012

Now New Hampshire

A state that should be statistically-irrelevant due to lack of population alone has suddenly taken on enormous importance- that state being New Hampshire- and the reason being that it is the first state where the actual votes count as it is a primary rather than an arcane caucus. New Hampshire used to be a bedrock of traditional values but still with a libertarian streak and a great deal of independence-mindedness. Now, the state has become somewhat infested with hippy types from Massachusetts and New York state who found their former states of residence too constraining for their "live free" lifestyles. These new New Hampshire voters may participate in the GOP primary because they wish to throw a monkey wrench into the Republican works or because they are actually simpatico with Ron Paul's radical libertarianism. No serious impediment exists in the Granite State to break Mitt Romney's momentum as he was the Governor of a neighboring state and has expended considerable time and resources in New Hampshire to hold his support there. As New Hampshire lacks Christian conservatives in large numbers, the primary does not look promising for Rick Santorum. Jon Huntsman is playing all or none in the state but even if his finish is better than predicted, his campaign is doomed to crash in South Carolina and Florida, Southern states that will not abide a moderate. Newt Gingrich does not seem to be striking accord with voters, and Ron Paul will continue to attract the "troubled twenty" percent of conspiracy theorists and Jew-haters. I think Romney romps when the ballots are all counted later this week.

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