Monday, May 8, 2017

La Belle France

France as we know her is more or less dead. The French police say there are not "no go zones". What they actually mean is that so long as they go in great force, police can still enter certain Muslim neighborhoods, not to patrol, you can not devote that much resource to simple policing, but to investigate a particular terror plot or make an arrest. Tourists are scared (justifiably) to visit a country where people are slaughtered in clubs and groceries or run over and killed by the dozen as they celebrate a public event near the beach. The French just rejected a politician who would have waged the fight necessary to protect them in favor of a politician who wants to "make nice" with Islamists and who, unlike the opponent he and the press and Merkel defeated, is willing to accept more "refugees". France might yet be rescued but only if the mentality of appeasement there is defeated by the realization that self-preservation hinges not on surrender but on resistance.

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