Friday, January 20, 2017

The New Era

Now we will have the chance to see if less regulation and consequently more freedom helps or hinders US economic growth. Now we see if standing side by side with allies yields more benefit than embracing enemies, as in becoming stronger friends to Israel and recognizing the Islamic Republic of Iran is an enemy and the leading nation-state sponsor of terror worldwide. Now we can be more secure that the Federal government will not come to take our guns. Now we will see if the flow of illegal aliens grows or diminishes with a President in office who actually demands secure borders. Now we will see if Muslims from countries so broken that vetting is impossible continue to surge in or if they are actually kept out until it is possible to determine who might go on to commit acts of terror among them. Now we will see if trade negotiations start to be fair to the American worker for the first time since the disastrous NAFTA was forced on everyday Americans. Now we will see if Red China will be allowed to manipulate currency and dump goods at prices so low competition in America has no recourse but to shut down. Now we will see respect for police rather than calumny. Now we will see the US rise again!

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