Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Evil Party

One man succinctly summed up what those who valued traditional America wanted when Barack Hussein Obama took power. Limbaugh wrote, "I hope he fails". This statement was deliberately misinterpreted by the main stream media and disturbingly by the GOP elite who distanced themselves from the conservative icon. This is how establishment Republicans react when someone "speaks truth to power" in hopes of preserving America as the beacon of liberty and prosperity that she has been through her history up until Obama. The other major US party, the Democrats and their handmaiden media, are as a group trying to undermine our incoming President, who is trying to save the nation. They are openly saying that Trump is "not legitimate" and should not be permitted to lead us. This is not one outlier like Rush who happened to be absolutely right. This is a concerted effort by a whole political party and their main stream media arm to keep Trump from reversing the disastrous course on which Obama has placed our country and the world.

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