Saturday, July 9, 2016

An Unfair Equation

I was an avid supporter of Ted Cruz. I will vote for Donald Trump. I am watching the propagandists in the main stream media do all they can to smear Mr. Trump. At the same time, the liars in the press are doing all they can to cover for the many faults of Hillary Clinton. Hillary is the darling of the media and Trump is the devil. The slime merchants in the press are calling Trump an anti-Semite. Trump has a Jewish son-in-law, and his daughter converted to Judaism to marry him. Do you really think Trump hates Jews as the liars in the press pretend? Hillary Clinton is an incompetent who has never accomplished anything except on her husband's coattails, who unlike Bill, is personally unappealing, and who lies constantly but not as seamlessly as her husband did. Hillary is the least qualified and most compromised candidate to ever make it this close to the Presidency.

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