Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Egyptian Inferno

Just as Jimmy Carter botched relations with Iran by demanding the Shah leave and thereby opened the door for greater internal tyranny and worse than that, the worldwide export of jihad terror, exported from and directed by the mad mullahs who replaced Pahlavi in Tehran, Barack Hussein Obama blundered mightily by demanding Hosni Mubarak surrender himself to the Muslim Brotherhood mob that was roiling the Cairo street. Mubarak complied but all that brought was economic collapse, more chaos with ever growing political instability, and the steady imposition of sharia against the wishes of most Egyptians. With few foreign tourists and flagging international investment, the fundamentalists exerted more pressure on secular Muslims and the Christian minority and that imposition of intolerance brought the crowds back into the street, this time not to overthrow an old order, but to depose Morsi and his Islamist cadre before they could seize irrevocable power. The people and the military that backed them prevailed against the looming new dictatorship, but now, Egypt is ablaze with Morsi supporters, who will countenance nothing less than the absolutism of Islamic law, battling against those who want freedom. The world suffers the repercussions of Carter's naivete all these years after he left office with Iran more menacing than ever and nearing a nuclear weapons capacity. One can only dread what future danger will emanate from Egypt if the fundamentalist are allowed to return to power.

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