Monday, April 29, 2013

They Are Animals

In this fable, let us suppose that an oil-rich kingdom had a Western-educated fellow who wanted to open a petting zoo to introduce that nation's youngsters to animals in a positive way. Then let us pretend after a few years of operation, the zookeeper experienced what he thought was a miracle when he had a nanny goat pass away during kidding but had a camel who had lost its own baby, adopt and raise said kid and made the mistake of publicizing the event. Let us then say that the branch of morality police known as the "Authority for Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice" heard of the perverse Dr. Moreau, who had so wickedly species spliced by helping a tiny baby goat thrive, had his petting zoo closed, his menagerie slaughtered (after all, they had been exposed to such an evil), and was charged, tortured, given a kangaroo trial complete with conviction for the offense of "sorcery", and beheaded in a public square. These purely fictional events could never happen in this enlightened day and age . . . right? If you have a weak stomach, do not put "sorcerer beheaded" into a search engine.

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