Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gun Grabber Paradise

Some Judas politicians who supposedly supported the Second Amendment are carefully scheming their sellout of our natural right of self-defense. Pennsylvania's Pat Toomey, a Republican, who pretended in his campaign to be a conservative, and West Virginia's Joe Manchin, who claimed he would fight to uphold gun rights in his campaigns, are betraying those voters who took them at their word that they would guard our Constitutional protections. Toomey and Manchin are advancing Barack Hussein Obama's freedom-stealing agenda by pushing their "universal background check compromise". Our ruling class is determined to give the President at least partial victory in the anti-gun push to preserve Obama's political viability, because the elites believe it really is us against them and they need to reinforce their prerogatives of power over the masses to control we mere common folk who do not have round-the-clock bodyguards and must pray we preserve Bill of Rights freedom for the safety of our own families.

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