Sunday, April 16, 2017

Turkey's Hitler Minor

Erdogan will win his dictatorial power referendum. The budding despot has characterized his opponents as "Nazis". He has called Western Europeans who would not give him free reign to manipulate Turkish expatriates on European soil "Nazis". He allowed a terror-supporting flotilla to sail from his shores to breach the Israel's self-preservation blockade of Gaza and when Israel had to use lethal force to protect Jews trying to stop the Mavi Marmara terror ship, Erdogan called the Jews the aggressors. Erdogan sometimes refuses to permit the US to wage the war on terror from US bases on Turkish soil. Erdogan would not let the US attack Saddam Hussein from those Turkish bases. Erdogan allowed the sale of oil by the Islamic State. Erdogan always denies Armenian genocide was perpetrated by Turks in the twentieth century. There is a real and dangerous tyrant that has smashed dissent against him about to assume even more power in Turkey.

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